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       Bararanonline is an Armenian explanatory, synonyms' and Armenian-Russian online dictionary, now it includes the following books

  • Axayan Armenian explanatory dictionary
  • Suqiasyan Armenian language Synonyms dictionary
  • Galstyan Armenian-Russian dictionary
  • Armenian-English dictionary
  • Antonyms dictionary


      Dictionary has been created by scanning pages' images', that is why it is possible different kind of mistakes. Though, a lot of corrections have been made by computer program, but, indeed, the other amount are still to do, and it will take some time, to correct all them.
      At the same time, website users, can tell us about the mistakes, that they witness, as well as make corrections by themselves, which will be published after checking. These things, undoubtedly will help us to handle words' correction process more easily and more quickly. And unless all the words are corrected, books' pages' images will be available as well.
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